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Industry reports
Marketmedia24 offers a range of national and international industry reports which facilitate effective and tactical planning: sector reports from our publishing division, and individual analyses and market data specifically tailored to your requirements.
Presentations | Seminars
We at Marketmedia24 are enthusiastic communicators and enjoy bringing our experience and expertise to you. We offer coaching and training in various formats including seminars, presentations, special interest groups, or in new creative ways which we can develop together.
Target Group Analyses
Marketmedia24 conducts research into target groups based on their everyday experiences. Consumer profiles which are feasible and viable, reports on purchasing behaviour, and other tailor-made solutions are all designed to advance your company's success.
Forecasts | Futurology
Marketmedia24 is focussed on looking clearly into the future, and confidently surveying the horizon. For us, mathematical precision lies at the heart of our forecasts, market and sales scenarios, and predictions of future trends, all based on high-quality facts and figures.
Brand Awareness | Recognition
Marketmedia24 has all the appropriate tools required to ascertain and determine brand awareness and brand recognition. Our market researchers provide the recognition values, and our consultants help you to improve them.
Marketmedia24 can provide the classic type of primary research survey, but more than that, we have the right people for each type of research question, whether the surveys are conducted as dialogues, in group sessions, or whatever form you wish.
Restructuring Consultancy
If you would like, Marketmedia24 is more than happy to come to you. We will work with you to reveal new challenges, define goals, provide support for processes, and facilitate the structuring of teams to achieve peak performance.
Strategic Planning Consultancy
Marketmedia24 looks forward to the future with you. We do whatever it takes – conducting benchmarking, investigating potential new export markets, defining new product ranges, or thinking creatively in whatever direction is desired.