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Market REPORT 2020

Work and protective clothing

The new edition of the Market REPORT provides reliable facts and figures for all product groups, for the economic sectors, as well as for all relevant distribution channels. The study provides a well-founded outlook on the development of the industry until 2028.
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Study Foreword

The economic crisis of a decade ago hit the industry for workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) hard with a market slump of 10 percent.

How-ever, the low point did not last long. Sales in Germany recovered and are currently 20 percent (workwear) and a good 5 percent (PPE) higher than in 2010. However, the conditions for the industry are becoming more difficult. A weakening industrial economy, trade conflicts, the Brexit and now the corona pandemic result in an uncertain future.

But what happens now? Didn't Corona cut all the links between yesterday and tomorrow? Does the past still play a role for the future of this market?

For assessments and estimates of the future development of the work and protective clothing industry in Germany, we answer these three key questions, among others, in the new "Market REPORT Work and protective clothing 2020":

(1) How strong and how lasting will the overall economic slump caused by the corona crisis in Germany be?

(2) How strong will the subsequent recovery be?

(3) Will the corona crisis change the importance of the workwear and protective clothing market within the overall economy?

We are sure that the results of our new study will give you a real competitive edge!
Use the well-founded data and forecasts up to the year 2028 in the new "Market REPORT Work and protective clothing 2020" for your strategic decisions.

This is your benefit

+ Complete industry overview (2010 to 2028)
+ Data basis for calculating market potentials and shares
+ Orientation for the creation of marketing concepts
+ Assessment of the market for investment projects

About the content of study

A Industry Overview
  1. Sweeping design
  2. Ergonomics and comfort for effortless movement
  3. Standards and norms in a striking design
  4. Sustainably wearable
  5. Corona crisis with hygienic potential
  6. New market segments
  7. Textile Rental Service now comes by the name of sharing

B The German industry in review 2010 to 2019

  1. Market data: Sales and per capita expenditure of the product groups
    1.1 Total workwear and protective clothing
    1.2 Men's workwear
    1.3 Women's workwear
    1.4 Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  2. Trade data: Market shares and sales of distribution channels
    2.1 Retail
    2.2 Wholesale
    2.3 E-commerce and Online Business
    2.4 Textile Rental Service
    2.5 Direct Sales
    2.6 Advertising and Promotion Agencies

C The distribution of workwear and protective clothing by economic sector

  1. Industries
  2. Handicrafts
  3. Hospitality industry
  4. Health care and care sector
  5. Service sector
  6. Retail
  7. Others

D The German industry in the forecast up to 2028

  1. Market outlook
    1.1 Does Corona make everything different?
    1.2 V-, U- and L-Scenarios for workwear and protective clothing*
    1.2.1 Total market
    1.2.2 Submarkets: Men's workwear, Women's workwear, Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  2. Distribution outlook
    1.1 Development in market share
    1.2 Development in sales

    *The letters V, U and L represent the forms of different possible developments of economic growth.
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